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Who uses EMHware?

Children’s Mental Health Centres

Community Mental Health Agencies

Canadian Mental Health Association Branches

Crisis Centres


Addictions Agencies

ACT Teams

Community and Social Service Agencies

Community Support Service Agencies

Methadone Clinics

Sexual Assault Centres

Social Housing Agencies

…and it’s suitable for any agency that needs a secure electronic record of their client’s, and the services they’re receiving.

Many agencies have switched from other software products to EMHware.

What Does EMHware Do?
Data Collection

Data Collection

  • Contact Management
  • Case Notes with reportable data points
  • Medication Tracking
  • DSM IV Recording
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Workflow Management

Workflow Management

  • Referral Tracking
  • Case Management
  • Program Tracking
  • Workload Measurement
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Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Scheduling

  • Full featured appointment Scheduling
  • Integration with contact/case management
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  • Full spectrum reporting
  • CDS reporting with automatic submission
  • MIS Reporting
  • OCAN
  • InterRAI/CHA
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How does EMHware work?





How is EMHware delivered?
Why EMHware?
  • EMHware is 100% web based – there’s no software to load and no server to maintain.
  • EMHware adheres to current industry standards and reporting guidelines.
  • EMHware is fully bilingual, including the software, user manuals, training and support.
  • We help you take advantage of the various datasets and customize the application to best suit your agency.
  • We transfer your data from your existing system to EMHware.
  • Toll free telephone support in English or French.
  • Counselors can spend more time with their clients while administrators have all of the reports and statistics at their fingertips.
What do our clients say about EMHware?
  • … we recently went through a successful standards audit review by the Canadian Centre for Accreditation. This was over 3 years in the making and encompassed both adults and kids. We managed to pass 440 required standards, ranging from Governance to Client Service. I am very proud of the staff but some of this credit belongs to you as well, because the reviewers were really impressed with how we applied EMHware. I have sincerely never believed in any product as strongly as I do EMHware, or met a straighter shooter in business than yourself.
    St. Leonard’s Community Services
    Executive Director St. Leonard’s Community Services

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