EMHware is a cloud based Agency and Case management software solution. It’s intuitive, reliable and secure and there is no software to install.

EMHware is designed to allow agencies to work uninhibited while collecting high quality data and producing extremely informative reports. Many reports exist for every role in the organization, and for every agency process. EMHware meets many provincial specific data collection and reporting requirements and standards.

EMHware features allow you to:

  • Safely and securely store form data and client notes in a central location with secured access and full reportability.
  • Locate and correct low-quality or missing data.
  • Record staff workload and client contact activity.
  • Control data access and privacy on many levels.
  • Support a multi-site/team deployment strategy.
  • Create custom reportable forms to suit your agency.
  • Send referrals electronically to other agencies
Data Collection

EMHware provides many powerful and easy to use tools to allow you to capture and maintain client information. EMHware easily records, and reports this data quickly and clearly with the following:

  • Detailed client records
  • Notes
  • Custom forms tailored to your needs
Workflow Management

EMHware tracks an individual starting from their first contact with you and continues for their fully life cycle with your agency with the following tools:

  • Sending and receiving referrals
  • Workload Measurement
  • Program Tracking
  • Calculates time spent with  a client
Appointment Scheduling

Centralized appointment scheduling and calendar sharing is essential, in many cases, to maximizing human resources of a Program. Collaboration, planning, and execution all depend on making the most of the time you have to deliver services. EMHware makes it easy to get all your planning, time management and recording done with one simple tool, whether at the office, or on the go.


EMHware was carefully designed to efficiently capture the minimum amount of data, to produce a maximum number of reports.

Reports exist for all stages in all processes, and for all levels of involvement: from front-line staff, to upper management, to your funding providers.

This includes:

  • Workflow reporting
  • Business process checkpoints and statistical reporting
  • Management reporting
  • Funder reporting
  • Ministry regulated reports
  • Custom Reports