EMHware is a comprehensive and easily tailored software solution that matches the needs of client based agencies. Agencies typically share a common business flow that EMHware handles with ease. These include:

  • Referral in and out
  • Service program enrolment, service delivery and program graduation
  • Case management including reportable forms
  • Groups
  • Reporting within the agency and to various external funding providers
  • Integration with required information services and data repositories

EMHware has been successfully implemented across a wide range of industries. In the sections below, some of these sectors are showcased, describing how EMHware is suited to each sector’s requirements.

Mental Health

EMHware’s largest customer base is Mental Health. As a result EMHware meets all of the ministry requirements for data collection and reporting, including the following:

  • CDS
  • OCAN / IAR
  • InterRAI/CHA ©
  • InterRAI/ChYMH ©
  • MCSS
  • MCYS

EMHware supports both children and adult mental health agencies.

EMHware uploads OCAN and InterRAI/CHA © assessments directly to IAR seamlessly with no additional user interaction.

EMHware meets all the CDS and Chapter 7 CMH&A MIS reporting requirements of the Ministry of Health. Preparing quarterly, semi-annual and year-end reports only requires a few clicks.


EMHware is a comprehensive software solution for Addictions programs and can replace Catalyst. EMHware supports all of the ADAT assessments and many others often used in Addictions treatment such as:

  • ADAT Client Referral Summary
  • Adverse Consequences of Substance Abuse
  • ADS
  • BASIS-32
  • DAST-20
  • DHQ – Psychoactive Drug History Questionnaire
  • DTCQ-8 for Alcohol
  • DTCQ-8 for Drugs
  • Gambling Assessment Form
  • Health Screening Form
  • IDTS
  • Opioid Addiction Screening Form
  • PSS – Perceived Social Support
  • Socrates 8A – Alcohol
  • Socrates 8D – 1st Drug of Choice
  • TEQ – Treatment Entry Questionnaire
  • TLFB
  • …and many more
Employment Centres

EMHware is suitable for employment Centres. It manages services received, applications and resumes and can even electronically submit them to potential employers. Data collection meets the reporting standards below.

  • MTCU
  • SJFY
  • SJS
Colleges and Universities

Counselling – Health and Wellness – Accessibility

  • Schedulling
  • Case Management
  • Contact Management
  • Program Management
  • Case Notes
  • Reportable Forms
  • Reporting

…secure electronic records of your student’s, and the services they’re receiving.


We have a contract module that is both flexible and can be customized to fit your needs. This includes:

  • EAP Billing
  • Contract Management
  • Client Payments
  • Expense Tracking
  • And So Much More…
And More!

EMHware is well designed to meet the needs of virtually any client centered agency. This has been proven time and time again as diversity of agencies using EMHware increases across the Province.

If your agency has specific reporting requirements that are not currently in EMHware, we are happy to work with you to make those requirements integral to the software. This is exactly what we have done in the past. Today EMHware is so comprehensive that we’ve virtually seen it all before and it may just be a matter of turning on the features you need, and turning off the ones you don’t.